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PS4 vs Xbox One graphics: what are the differences and do they matter?

PS4 vs Xbox One graphics what are the differences and do they matter

Just how much better will PS4 games look and why?

What was once a rumour is now confirmed. At least some cross-platform games will run at a higher resolution on the Sony PlayStation 4 than on Microsoft's Xbox One. But why is this happening and should it influence your decision over which of the next-gen game boxes to buy? Continue reading...

11 reasons why your next TV has to be an Ultra HD 4K TV

4K TV sport

Unconvinced by 4K? We're not and here's why...

Ultra High Definition 4K TV technology is the hottest topic in tellydom right now. Major manufacturers are fast-tracking large screen 4K TVs able to display four times the resolution of current HD sets, while broadcasters conduct widespread technical trials behind the scenes.

The nascent format dominated this summer's IFA tech fest and it looks certain to do the same at the 2014 International CES in January. Even pro-broadcast bash IBC was 4K obsessed this year. But for normal folks, it may be tempting to cock a snoot when it comes to shortlisting that next TV. However that could prove a costly mistake if you're planning to buy a well-heeled Full HD flatscreen.

Need convincing? Here are eleven reasons why we think your next TV needs to be 4K…

Meet Pacific Rim's giant monsters

Pacific Rim

And the man who brought the Kaiju and Jaegers to life

A creature towers above a miniature landscape, its upper body stretching beyond wispy clouds. There is commotion underneath, created by the threat of being trampled, but the creature is oblivious. Its eyes trained on something else in the distance, its arms up ready for battle.

This could describe any of the many fantastic battle scenes in Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro's monster bash which heads to Blu-ray in the UK November 11, but it's actually a description of The Colossus, a 19th Century painting by Goya. Continue reading...

Panasonic's plasma TV exit is the end of a brilliant era

Panasonic s plasma TV exit is the end of a brilliant era

Plasma tech has run its course - the futire is 4K and OLED

It's been, in all honesty, the most protracted screen demise since Julius Caesar exited Carry on Cleo protesting "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me."

But now Panasonic has finally, officially, unequivocally announced it's getting out of the plasma game for good. The Corporation will shutter its only operational facility, the Amagasaki P4 factory in Osaka, in March 2014. Sibling facilities in Amagasaki and Ibaraki have already been mothballed. Unsustainable losses are the simple reason for the brand's decision. Continue reading...

Why are Apple keynotes no longer hitting the right notes?

Why are Apple keynotes no longer hitting the right notes

Time Cook and co need more fire in their bellies, reckons the web

The half-life of excitement levels surrounding Apple events is now measured in minutes. People go from joyous sobbing to complete disinterest in the time it takes to compose and edit a cynical tweet.

The latest Apple launch followed the format we've come to know and expect of big technology showcases, with months of leaks telling us exactly what to expect, before, about three minutes after the event, the world shrugs and gets on with its business. Continue reading...

iPad Air: how much is it and where can I get it?

iPad Air release date and price where can I get it

On the hunt for Apple's new tablet? Let us help...

The new iPad has arrived right on schedule and with a surprising new name - the iPad Air.

It's thinner, lighter, faster, stronger. Like expected it packs a 64-bit A7 processor and M7 motion chip, making it eight times faster than the original iPad. We've been doing the rounds to see who's offering up Apple's new tablet, and more importantly how much they are asking for it. Continue reading...

Forget movies, smartphones are the new box office winners for Sony

Forget movies smartphones are the new box office winners for Sony

Move over movies, mobile is the real star

Olympus Has Fallen. This was the movie name-checked in Sony's recent financials, where it announced it has slashed its full-year profit forecast by a whopping 40%.

It's an unfortunate title when you consider that one of the giants of the tech world has once again showed with a plummet in profits how volatile the entertainment and technology space is.