Bras that light up!

What more do you want from a headline?

Some days news stories that have written themselves just fall in your lap. Like 'Sony drops PS3 price by 50 per cent', 'Microsoft merges with Google' or today's 'Company makes light-up bras.'

With fibre optics and LEDs to provide a beautiful all-over glow, the supplier Lumigram makes a whole range of clothing and furnishings using this tech beyond the bras that caught our eye.

Look into my eyes!

But come on, everyone (well, a large slice of the male population) is going to be looking for the ladies wearing this light-up top... because those employing this lighthouse effect can hardly reasonably expect to use the phrase 'I'm up here'.

Interchangeable batteries should allow up to half a day of well-lit partying if you can afford the £125 needed to keep the lights on.

According to the website, these will 'light up your nights and make you shine'.

Some days are just better than others, eh?


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