10 ways tech would change the Game of Thrones universe

Technology is coming

Game of Thrones technology

In case you weren't already aware, Game of Thrones season four started yesterday. And while Game of Thrones might be set in pseudo-medieval times we think it would benefit from some tech. After all, they spent thousands of years building a giant wall to keep themselves safe, so you'd think they'd perhaps at least consider also spending some time, you know, inventing stuff.

We've already covered what phones we think the characters would have, so here's a list of what technology they need and how it would help the world of Westeros and beyond.


King's landing wouldn't be such a dangerous place with a little bit of CCTV.

Big brother is always watching, and in a place like King's Landing that can only be helpful. The city is full of criminals, brothels and ne'er-do-well schemers. The justice system would be infinitely improved by the addition of video evidence.

Expect to see more heads on spikes and prisoners taking the black. Of course, Ned's head wouldn't be on a spike, since the CCTV would have made it easier for him to solve the murder of Jon Ayrrn and prove the Lannister twincest.

2. Instant messaging and emails

Email to: Sansa Stark. Subject: Sup babe. Body: Just killd ur dad lol. Wuu2? ;) Joffers

Messages sent by ravens have a certain sense of morbid charm but they are very slow, not to mention entirely unreliable. Bad storm? Sorry, your raven is dead or off course. Hungry peasants? Your message is toast. Theon Greyjoy with a bow? Yeah you guessed it, dead. Why enslave a species of bird when you can use your new iPhone to send a quick message.

3. UV lights

The Wall
Winter is coming and so is your vitamin D deficiency.

Fear is for the long night, when snows fall a hundred feet deep and everyone has a vitamin D deficiency. If you think the short days of winter are miserable just imagine one long winter night that lasts for years, if not decades. UV lights would provide a bit of healthy artificial sunshine. It could also be used to grow food, getting around that pesky peasant starvation problem that tends to come when you can't farm your frozen lands. Just don't put them inside Littlefinger's brothel.

4. DNA Testing

You know nothing (about your parents) Jon Snow.

When Jon Snow and Ned parted ways he was promised that next time they saw each other they'd have a nice long chat about his mum. Well Ned's dead and so is everyone else who knew about Jon's birth (probably). But with DNA testing Jon could start tracking his heritage and since he's half Stark he needs all the family he can get.

Other positives include: finding the rightful heir, proving Joffrey's bastardry and providing more evidence in those CCTV assisted court cases.

5. Social Media

Relationship status: it's complicated.

If you have trouble keeping up with the numerous characters and alliances in Game of Thrones can you image how hard it would be to be part of that world? Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin would let everyone know who you were friends with, who you weren't and you could share pictures of your cute new direwolf puppy. If Robb Stark saw Roose Bolton friending Tywin on Facebook you can bet he'd be a bit more suspicious and a bit more alive.

6. Oculus Rift

Being king is so boring, I can't wait to murder some virtual puppies later

Virtual reality could solve so many problems in the Game of Thrones universe. Want to pick a fight with someone, but don't want to risk dying? Challenge them to a virtual fight. Got a penchant for watching prostitutes beat each other bloody, but want to keep your satin sheets clean? Virtual prostitute torture. Want to visit a prostitute and not almost murder them? Well aren't you a good person! You can do that with VR tech too. (Two out of three of these examples were about prostitutes because as we all know prostitution is popular activity in the GoT-verse.)