Upside-down glasses solves 3D TV conundrum

HCC crack the Samsung Panasonic divide

The Home Cinema Choice crew have discovered a rather novel way of making sure your proprietary Samsung 3D glasses work with Panasonic 3D sets (and vice versa); simply put the glasses on the wrong way up.

Essentially Panasonic and Samsung have simply put the polarising lenses in the opposite way round – which leads to a practical if rather inelegant solution.

"While Samsung and Panasonic glasses are officially incompatible with each other, we've discovered that if you wear one pair upside down they will work with the rival brand's set," said HCC's Steve May.


"I successfully enjoyed 3DTV on a Panasonic model with upside-down Samsung glasses, and vice versa," he adds

"Admittedly it wasn't a very comfortable experience, and you do look stupider than normal trying it, but heck, this is what we've all been reduced to..."

Apparently a common standard for active shutter 3D glasses is on the way, and it sounds like it can't come soon enough.

Unless you want to look like a mix between a Blues Brother and Dennis Taylor.



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