Super Mario Run Android release date announced

Nintendo is finally bringing Mario to your Google-powered phone

Super Mario Run for Android is finally triple jumping its way to Google-powered phones after its iOS debut last month

It'll launch two months from now with a March release date, according to the official Nintendo Twitter account. This means Apple's iPhone and iPad will have had a three-month exclusive on the popular auto-running platform game.

Last month, Nintendo allowed you to pre-register for availability notifications for this new-ish game and set up a dedicated Google Play Store page. But you won't be able to download it just yet.

Instead, you can check out our Super Mario Run preview and bone up on Super Mario Run tips and tricks while you wait.

More to come from Nintendo

Super Mario Run for Android isn't the only Nintendo game coming to phones in 2017. In fact, there's a Nintendo franchise launching even sooner.

Nintendo is readying strategy RPG game Fire Emblem Heroes for Android – and it's slated to come to the Google Play Store first, before iPhone users get it.

The Fire Emblem Heroes release date on Android is February 2, with the iOS listed as coming "soon." This also beats Super Mario Run on Android by a month. Further out, we'll be seeing an Animal Crossing game come to both platforms.

You'll need an constant internet connection to play all of these Nintendo games, so be sure to check out our best phones list before your next upgrade and ready your Google Wallet for an in-app purchase to download all of the levels.



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