Spotify for iPhone and iPad revives the boombox glory days with an equalizer

Music streaming giant Spotify has updated its iOS app to include an equalizer that allows users to fine-tune music selections according their precise aural sensitivities.

The new equalizer gives users plenty of genre-based presets, such as Latin, Rock, Dance, etc., but the most useful may be the Small Speakers setting, to optimize sound for users without headphones.

For true audiophiles, Spotify patrons can also manually alter the various bass, middle and treble frequencies by moving a finger up and down on a visual EQ graph.

The equalizer, which Spotify says is its most requested feature on iOS, can be accessed through Settings > Playback rather than the regular options on the Play screen.

iOS only for now

Elsewhere in the update, the Discover section has been moved within the Browse tab and iPad users will have redesigned artist pages to peruse.

Those pages will now include the latest release and the chance to snap up merchandise.

No word yet on if and when the update will land on Android (which already has a very basic equalizer), but we'll keep you posted.

Via TechCrunch