Samsung Galaxy Tab to be unveiled in September

Android-powered iPad rival to make IFA 2010 debut

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Korean firm's first attempt at an iPad rival, looks set to be formally announced next month.

The device, which has also been dubbed the Galaxy Tape for some reason in recent reports, will pack a 7-inch screen and run on the latest Android 2.2 platform.

"We will showcase our latest Smart TV and interchangeable lens camera models at the show," the source said, according to Korean media outlet JoongAng Daily. "We will also showcase our tablet PC for the first time officially."

Potential annoucement

The source is said to be a 'high ranking official' and although you usually can't believe anything until a company puts its name to it, September seems to make sense as a potential announcement date for the Galaxy Tab.

We started seeing prototype versions of the device a few months ago, looking not only fully formed but very much like an iPad - and when you consider that the Samsung Galaxy S is as similar-looking to an iPhone as it's possible to get, the devices make sense.

We'll be at IFA next month to bring you all the news and trust us that we'll be getting out the night vision goggles and swinging down through skylights to get a peek of this new Android tablet as soon as we can.


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