Rumour: HTC to beat Apple to Liquidmetal smartphone later this year

Are Liquidmetal bodies the next big thing in smartphone design? A rumour on Tuesday suggested HTC is looking for a leap on the competition and may launch a smartphone with the tech as soon as this year.

A report from the sometimes hit-and-miss Digitimes website claimed HTC has teamed up with Taiwanese compatriot and chassis-maker Jabon International to produce the super-strong alloy.

The report claimed HTC could unleash the first Liquidmetal phone, which would likely be stronger and more scratch-proof than current models at somepoint during the second half of the year.

If the rumour, which is to be taken with a pinch, nay, a grain of salt, comes to fruition, HTC would join Apple in the Liquidmetal game.

HTC vs iPhone?

Naturally, Apple is also exploring the tech, potentially for new iPhone models.

In June last year, the company extended its exclusive deal with US-based Liquidmetal Intellectual by another two years.