Orange pre-empts Toshiba TG01 UK launch

Sticks a pretty obvious 'coming soon' section on its site

Orange has decided there's been enough speculation on whether the Toshiba TG01 will be coming to the UK and splashed the phone all over its website.

We all can guess what the press event on 9 July in London is about, especially when it mentions the TG01 in the invite.

But the fact that Orange has it on its site means that not only is it definitely coming soon, it's another win for the resurgent Orange.

Competitive fruit

True, it might not have the 4.1-inch screened, Snapdragon-toting 1GHz processor phone on an exclusive deal. We saw that it launched the HTC Hero online before its joint carrier T-Mobile, but it's always nice to see competition.

The site lists 'Facebook and Youtube' apps as a selling point on the site, although someone might need to tell Toshiba this has already been done. We're just hoping Windows Mobile 6.1 gets the rumoured September upgrade, other this will be a great phone with just one missing piece...

Via Orange Shop and Coolsmartphone


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