HTC: 50% of our 2010 phones will be Android

Taiwanese manufacturer giddy with Google success

HTC has upped its predicted portion of Android phones from 30 to 50 per cent of all devices in 2010.

Following the success of its first three efforts, the G1, Magic and


, the Taiwanese phone maker will likely focus less on Windows Mobile and more on the mobile Google OS.

The report by Digitimes also states that HTC is bringing out another high profile handset (shocking) in September or October of this year based on Qualcomm's BREW Mobile Platform.


This platform acts as a go-between for applications and the hardware, making it easier for developers to code for the phone without having to worry about the interface. This in turn helps lower the cost of the handset too.

The new device will also use the new HTC Sense UI and TouchFLO 3D interface, as the company looks to build on the imminent success of the Hero.

It's unknown whether this new device will be Android- or Windows Mobile-powered, as September or October will be the point when WinMo 6.5 is likely to be released.

Via Digitimes



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