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HTC goes all 007 with trademark application for 'Fetch' tracking device

BLIP Is HTC branching out into Bond gadgets?

HTC goes all 007 with trademark application for 'Fetch' tracking device
Wanna play Fetch with HTC?

HTC is trying to trademark the name 'Fetch' for a new piece of gadgetry that'd track down lost tech and locate people.

Now, we know the Taiwanese firm isn't enjoying such a good time financially these days, but we wouldn't have anticipated it diversifying into spy gear.

In its filing to the US Patent & Trademark office, the mobile manufacturer called it a "Portable multifunction electronic tracking device for assistance in locating mobile phones, smartphones...tablets...PCs."

Sounds like a physical iteration of Apple's Find My iPhone tool right? However Fetch will also "assist users in tracking people." Jeez, haven't we had enough surveillance worries for one week?

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