Sony Ericsson: at the top of mobile gaming?

Manufacturer adds handheld controller to handsets

Sony Ericsson may be slipping in the global manufacturer rankings, but it looks to be attacking the markets it still has a foothold in.

The company is bundling Zeemote handheld controllers, small wireless thumb handsets, with its w760i handsets (albeit only in the Netherlands) to allow enhanced use of the bundled Zeemote games.

Budget Wii

If connected with a TV-out cable, this could theoretically provide a budget alternative to the Nintendo Wii, and also help to change the face of mobile gaming.

With a slightly larger screen and perhaps an attached controller, rather than having to lug around an extra bit of (although tiny) kit, this could be a real winner in the future.

Current games supported by the Zeemote are Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider, so the company is clearly attacking the nostalgic users.

No word on whether this deal will be offered around the world, but if it takes off in the Netherlands then it's surely a no-brainer.


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