HTC aims to de-throne Motorola

Wants to be top five by next year

The CEO of Asian mobile phone manufacturer HTC Peter Chou has said he wants the company to become a top five manufacturer in the near future.

HTC is currently nestled in the top ten, but wants to break into the big time, with models such as the Touch Diamond and the forthcoming Dream.

In fact, it's the latter model that is likely to propel it up the charts, with the Dream likely to be the first handset using the Google Android UI.

100 million phones

Chou, speaking to the Commercial Times, predicted the company will soon increase its sales from 15 million handsets by six times, usurping the 100 million phones sold by Motorola.

HTC has already heavily raised the shipping estimates for the Touch Diamond and the forthcoming Pro version, which will quickly raise the image of the company.

However, two obstacles remain in terms of rising up the charts: the emergence of Apple and the lack of low end handsets.

While Apple's threat might be negligible with projected sales of only 10 million, the emerging low-cost market is more of a worry, as companies like Nokia are riding the downturn in phone sales by targeting these regions.



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