Facebook has updated its photo tagging system, allowing users to tag brands and celebrities' official Facebook pages in their snaps.

The social network has also given the tagging interface a little makeover, opting for a black box instead of blue – big news.

With the new system, brands will be able to keep an eye on any photos they're tagged in, as well as report any misuse of tags – we're sure Sony would complain if you tagged an LG TV as a Sony one, for example. Or if you tagged a leaky sieve as a PS3.

Free marketing

You'll have to be a fan of said brand or dodgy '90s celeb in order to tag them in your photos – better get 'friending' your best celeb spots, eh?

There's no real benefit to you personally tagging anything other than your friends at present – you'd essentially be giving these brands free advertising – but there's potential for the system to be used in promotions and competitions in the future.

Facebook's new tagging system is rolling out as we speak.

Via Gizmodoand All Facebook