Facebook goes for gold with Olympics portal

All the Games-based goodness in one handy place

There's a little sporting get together going on in London this summer and you're all invited - on Facebook at least.

The social network has announced a new Olympics hub that brings official Pages for athletes, teams, sports, mascots and so on together into one place.

From the hub page, you can explore and 'like' all the participating athletes on Facebook (currently about 100, but more to be added ahead of the opening ceremony in late July), or check out news and updates about the specific teams or events you're into.

Why the face?

We, for example, are particularly interested in the Taekwondo - so Facebook suggests we 'like' the brilliantly-abbreviated World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

Naturally, news from these corners of the Games will filter into your news feed if you make the bold move of liking the pages (we managed to resist the lure of the WTF).

It's not quite the ultimate live-stream test that the BBC is implementing, but the hub should help athletics fans from further afield feel more involved in the Games.

If you're that way inclined, you can join the sporting hysteria and check out the portal on Facebook by visiting facebook.com/pages/olympics


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