Denon launches D-F107DAB+ mini system

It may be small in size but it's big on sound

Denon, usually known for its heavy duty AV kit, has announced that sometimes size doesn't matter, with the launch of the D-F107DAB+ mini system.

With a size that measures a mere 25 x 25cm, the Denon system is certainly compact but it still manages to pack in some decent features.

Superb speakers

These include a 24-bit D/A converter which will make your CD playback sound the best it possibly can.

Alongside this is a pair of SC-F107 speakers. These are based on Denon's high-end CX concept, so expect nothing but pristine sound.

If all your CDs have gone the way of the dodo, then you'll be happy to hear that there is a front USB port for connecting an iPod (and, yes, it is iPod friendly) which will play WMA and MP3 files. There's also DAB+ radio inside.

The release date for D-F107DAB+ is September, with a price point of £599.99. If you rather not have the speakers, then the main base is available for £449.99.

Colour-wise, you can get it in black or silver.