New Sony Vaio boasts HDMI connectivity

Sony has chosen this year's US Cedia expo to show off its new PC laptop wares. Not so much a completely new model, more an update to Sony's Vaio LT desktop PC, this new Vaio – which is now called LV – has some interesting added features that will entice not just computer heads into buying.

Sony has decided to give the all-in-one system HDMI connectivity, so you can connect up an HD set-top box, next-gen games console, Blu-ray player and away you go.

Couple this with an integrated ATSC tuner and you have the recipe for HD viewing success.

If you don't fancy using the system as a home cinema, then you will pleased to know that it also acts as a decent PC.

Processing power

A 3.16 Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor means you have plenty of processing power to play around with, 4 GB RAM will keep things speedy, and an almost bottomlesss 1TB hard drive that will store up to 100 hours of HD television.

Then there's a Blu-ray burner, five USB ports, S-Video, composite video, Ethernet and a whole host of card readers.

It also comes with a wireless keyboard, and the 24in monitor can be wall mounted for your viewing pleasure.

There's no word on UK pricing and availability but the LV is available for $1600 all the way up to $3000 across the pond – depending on how many add-ons you want to, er, add on.