Videogames become most popular pastime

Outstripping both music and video in the UK for the first time ever

GTA IV and the like making videogames more popular than ever

Videogames are more popular than ever according to a new report, outselling music and film in 2008 for the first time ever.

The report by Verdict Research predicts that UK gamers will purchase £4.64bn worth of videogames this year, as opposed to sales of music and video at £4.46bn.

This is a massive rise, according to the BBC, of 42 per cent.

Slowing of growth

Speaking about the findings, Malcolm Pinkerton of Verdict Research said: "The music and video market is not just suffering from a slowing of growth but a massive transfer of spend to online."

The figures are skewed somewhat, by including hardware sales of consoles. If Verdict Research took into account all the DVD and Blu-ray players, and hi-fi systems in to consideration, then it would be a different story.

This is good news for the videogames sector, however, which has more than doubled in value in the last five years.

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