Valve turns movie maker, Steam set to for film download debut

Deep into animation technology

Valve has its eye on the silver screen as its Source game engine is being used to create an animated film.

The game maker is currently working on a film named Deep, which is being produced by Brown Bag Films and directed by Shane Acker, the man behind short film 9.

With a relatively low budget of $19 million (around £12.25 million), the film is set in a post-WW3 world where people have to live underwater for some reason, probably something to do with nuclear war.


With a relatively low budget come relatively low expectations, but Valve's Source engine offers better value than most industry-standard animation tools.

Plus, using the game engine to create the film means that half the work involved in making a game to release alongside it is already done.

What's more, Brown Bag's Darragh O'Connell told Variety that they plan to use Steam, Valve's online game distribution network, as an alternative movie release platform.

Although the film is currently in the pre-production stages, you can start getting excited about it now with this Valve-tastic teaser trailer.

From Variety via SlashGear


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