Final Fantasy creators to release world's first Apple Watch RPG

Wrist-based role-playing

Cosmos Rings

The Apple Watch is set to get its first RPG from Square Enix, publishers of the long-running Final Fantasy Series of role-playing games if a teaser site is to be believed.

Details on the game are currently scarce. We know it's called Cosmos Rings, and that it'll be exclusive to the Apple Watch, so fans of Android Wear will be out of luck.

This is not the first time a game has been developed for Apple's wearable, last year Spy Watch from Bossa games allowed players to guide a secret agent through undercover missions.

WRPG - Watch Role-Playing Game

But the game is the first RPG for the device, and it's also impressive that it's coming from a publisher such as Square Enix, who has been responsible for some of the best games in the genre such as Final Fantasy VII and the Dragon Quest series.

We've contacted Square Enix to ask for comment, and will update this piece with any new information (including a potential western release date) when they respond.

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