Tesco direct goes PS4 deal crazy with May's Witcher 3 bundle bargains

We've seen some really fantastic console bundle deals hit online retailers lately, but mostly they've been for Microsoft's Xbox One console.

It's not doing as well as the PS4, see, so we're seeing lots of tempting offers to try and persuade you all to go with Team Green instead of Team Blue.

Tesco direct obviously didn't get the memo though, as it's currently promoting some of the best PS4 deals we've yet seen. In fact, if you've been waiting for an excellent offer before buying a PlayStation 4, now could be the time to strike.

Three new deals

There are three excellent PS4 deals currently on offer on Tesco direct's website, all require you to use the 'secret' code TDX-KNWT to get the special prices and they're all available until the end of May.

All of the bundles come with brand new AAA-game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - a title GamesRadar said "represents a generational leap in world design and fidelity, and is a spectacle that deserves to be savoured at its very best."

See all the best PS4 deals in your territory

Tesco direct's new PS4 bundles:

The Witcher 3 game on its own costs £44 which means you can effectively get the PS4 console for just £235.99 with these deals which are all available in the UK until 31st May 2015...

witcher 3 bundle deals ps4

Deal 1: Get the Sony PS4 with The Witcher 3 for just £299.99

Deal 2: Get the Sony PS4 with The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne for £319.99

Deal 3: Get the Sony PS4 with The Witcher 3 and a £25 PSN card for £319