Nintendo Wii set for more stock shortages

Chip drought delays new production lines

Nintendo has had to postpone its plan to start boosting production of Wii consoles due to a shortage of components. Taiwanese component builders say that the ramped-up Wii production cycle was set to originally begin in June, but it is still yet to start.

The delays mean it's very unlikely that the worldwide Nintendo Wii console shortage is set to end any time soon. Wiis have been leaving the shelves as quickly as they're being put on, leaving many shops permanently sold out.

Despite stock shortages, Wii consoles have been bought by over 10 million people worldwide, and that's before it's even gone on sale in places like South American and parts of Asia.

The Xbox 360 is still currently the biggest selling next-gen console, having launched a year earlier. But the Wii looks set to topple it in the next few months.



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