Nintendo Wii blowing away console rivals

Playstation 3 remains at the bottom of the heap

The Nintendo Wii is conducting a prolific demolition job on its next-gen console rivals. According to research group NPD , the Wii is selling almost as many consoles in the US as the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 combined.

Last month, over 335,000 happy US gamers went Wii shopping, a figure which absolutely dwarfs the almost embarrassing 127,000 PS3s sold by Sony. The Playstation 3, which launches this Friday in the UK, is also being comprehensively outsold by Microsoft's Xbox 360 which pushed over 100,000 more in February than its Sony competitor.

The Xbox 360 sold 228,000 consoles in February and is now closing in on the 11 million total worldwide sales mark.

The main reasons for the Wii domination are its unique gaming interface and vastly cheaper price tag. The PS3's massive retail price has meant that it is still being outsold by the Playstation 2 .

When the Playstation 3 goes on sale in the UK this Friday, it will cost a rather unpopular £425 - as much as the other two consoles put together.



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