Download of the day: Freemake Video Converter

93 million video fans can’t be wrong

FreeMake Video Converter

When it comes to video apps, Freemake Video Converter is a blockbuster, with more than 93 million users it’s one of the most popular video apps around. 

That’s because it’s very flexible. Not only can it download from sites such as YouTube – assuming you have the copyright owner's permission, of course – but it can convert files from one format to another and even burn to DVD or Blu-Ray if you have the appropriate hardware.

It supports more than 500 file formats, so chances are it’ll be able to do what you want it to do.

Why you need it

Because there are lots of different formats for video, because different devices need different settings and because video files can be absolutely massive.

Converting a 4K movie into something more suitable for a PSP or iPod touch is just the kind of thing Freemake Video Converter is good at, although it’s important to note that it will put its logo on a splash screen before your footage if you stick with the free version.

That’s the only limit, though: you don’t have to worry about running time or file size limits like you do with the free versions of some other video apps.

Download here: Freemake Video Converter