PS4 bundles go up for pre-order, still cheaper than the Xbox One console

Amazon has placed a host of Launch Day Edition PS4 bundles up for pre-order guaranteeing delivery for on the console is released.

After selling out of its stocks of game-free Launch Day consoles, the retailer has added bundles with Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Watch Dogs available to buy with the console.

Those who select Battlefield or Killzone will also get what appears to be a year's subscription to PS Plus with the bundle, although the item listing only mentions $10 off the subscription.

As for the price, well all that is still cheaper than the Microsoft Xbox One console. The bundles with PS Plus are $499.90 (6¢ cheaper!) and the single game bundles are $459.90.

US-only for now

The retailer hasn't listed the launch bundles on its UK site yet, but hopefully they'll arrive in due course.

Amazon is offering users the usual "Frequently bought together" deals, but isn't selling them as actual bundles.

Which of the PS4 launch titles mentioned above look most appealing to you? We love the look of Watch Dogs.

Via Examiner