Nintendo to kick off E3 early with new Wii U concept video

Nintendo will raise the curtain on the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles on Sunday night with a new look at its forthcoming Wii U console.

The Japanese giant will screen a new video on its Facebook page at 11pm BST (6pm ET), which "will be about the concept of the #WiiU console," the company tweeted.

It is widely expected that the Nintendo plans to re-reveal tweaked Wii U hardware in LA following a lukewarm reception at last year's E3 conference.

Games coming on Tuesday

This video may offer the first look at the new hardware before Nintendo's main keynote on Tuesday.

The Nintendo Europe Twitter account added: "We'll talk more about games for Wii U in Tuesday's #E3 presentation."

E3 is likely to offer gamers and journalists their first opportunity to go hands on with the next-gen console and sample some of the games.

Via: CVG