New and existing BT Total Broadband customers can now receive 5GB worth of free storage in the BT Digital Vault. The 5GB storage comes with auto back-up for your files, photos, movies and music. You can access your stored files from any computer, as long as you're connected to the internet.

The auto back-up means you won't have to manually upload files to the BT Digital Vault . You can choose which folders on your computer that you'd like to back-up. When there are changes or additions to those folders they will be automatically backed-up.

If you subscribe to BT Total Broadband Option 1 or 2, you'll receive auto back-up for free for the first six months, while Option 3 includes 5GB storage and auto back-up permanently.

BT Digital Vault Plus with 20GB of storage and auto back-up is also available for £5 per month. BT Digital Vault Basic with 1GB storage is free, even if you're not a BT Total Broadband customer.