DVD sales boosted by bad UK weather

High definition is nowhere as standard def DVD sales rocket

The recent wet weather in the UK has seen a 38.5 per cent increase in DVD sales compared with this time last year. The British Video Association said that DVD rentals are also up on last year.

Consumers bought 38.5 per cent more DVDs than in June 2006 and they also rented 4.7 per cent more titles.

While CD album sales have fallen 10 per cent in the first six months of the year, DVD sales have risen by 12.6 per cent. And in all, 108 million DVDs were sold by the end of June this year, equivalent to some four copies per household.

"Home entertainment has clearly offered some respite to the dreary wet weather," the BVA said.

The DVD is not dead

"We are delighted with how the home entertainment sector is performing. DVD continues to prove its strength as a format and demand from customers keeps rising.

"Particularly encouraging is the growth in the rental sector, June seeing the first uplift in 12 months. We've got some excellent releases to look forward to in the coming months, so expect the trend to continue into the second half."

Who said that Blu-ray and HD DVD were coming to kill off the DVD?


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