6 best UHD 4K TVs of 2015

Get your Ultra HD fix with these pixel-perfect panels

Best Ultra HD 4K TV

If you're buying a new television this year then chances are you're after an Ultra HD TV. It's the new buzzword in TV tech and it can deliver sharper, crisper, high-fidelity visuals than possible at a measly 1080p.

Every manufacturer is now lining up to offer you a 4K TV. But where it was once almost a content-less gimmick, limited to showfloor showreels, there is starting to become more and more UHD movies and TV shows on offer from all over.

Ultra HD Blu-rays will be on sale by the holidays this year, Samsung offers a UHD content pack with its TVs and Netflix is now setup to deliver 4K content online to its premium subscribers.

There are also a host of broadcasters testing out live UHD content too. They're even working on 8K broadcasts for the Women's World Cup this year!

Ultra HD is not just about that 3840 x 2160 resolution any more either.

With technologies such as Quantum Dot, OLED and HDR able to deliver your 4K movies with frankly stunning levels of picture quality there's a whole lot more to UHD than just 8.3 million pixels.

And it doesn't have to cost the earth to get on the Ultra HD rollercoaster either.

Here is our choice for the best 4K TVs in the world today, from the wallet-busting 65-inch beasts to the best 48-inch TV we've ever seen.

Samsung UE65JS9500

1. Samsung UE65JS9500

"Nothing short of a milestone in TV picture quality"

Screen size: 65-inch | Tuner: Freeview HD, Freesat HD | Resolution: UHD 4K | Panel technology: LED Backlit | Smart TV: Tizen | Curved: Yes | Dimensions: 917 x 1450 x 379mm

Ground breaking picture quality
Feature-rich smart TV platform
Super expensive
Curved screen is divisive

Samsung's 2015 flagship TV leverages new brightness and colour technologies to take LCD picture quality to a whole new level - especially once true HDR content starts to roll into town. The difference its HDR technology makes to picture quality is immense - more impactful by far, in fact, than the step up from HD to UHD.

What's more, while you need native HDR content to see the TV at its absolute cinematic best it still delivers superb results with current sources.

It's much easier to use than previous Samsung smart TVs too. We just wish more people would be able to afford it.

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LG 65EC970V

2. LG 65EC970V

"The first 4K OLED TV is finally here."

Screen size: 65-inch | Tuner: Freeview HD | Resolution: UHD 4K | Panel technology: OLED | Smart TV: LG webOS | Curved: Yes | Dimensions: 880 x 1447 x 257mm

Jaw-dropping design
webOS works brilliantly
Limited HDR options
Needs accurate set up

For many home cinema fans the LG 65EC970V is a dream come true. There are many, many occasions where its combination of a native 4K UHD resolution and OLED screen technology delivers pictures more beautiful and natural than any we've ever seen before on any television.

Its webOS operating system, moreover, ensures that the 65EC970V is still easy to use despite its cutting edge nature, and its design is gorgeous.

If you're lucky enough to have six grand to spare you're faced with a stark TV choice between the LG 65EC970V and the Samsung UE65JS9500. The bottom line though is that it's another ground-breaking moment for TV picture quality.

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Sony KD 75X9405C

3. Sony KD-75X9405C

"This Sony delivers arguably the most 4K picture I've ever seen on a 4K TV"

Screen size: 75-inches | Tuner: FreeView and FreeSat | Resolution: 4K | Panel technology: Triluminos | Smart TV: Android TV | Curved: No | Dimensions: 1041 x 1929 x 322mm

Sensational picture quality
Equally sensational sound quality
Space-consuming chassis design
Upscaling can cause noise

The 75X9405C certainly isn't shy about coming forward.

Its already vast 75-inch screen is further expanded by two chunky side panels and an unusually deep rear end. But there's a good excuse for this bulk, as it enables Sony's set to deliver the best speakers I've ever heard on a TV.

The 75X9405C also carries the new Android TV smart platform - even though this hasn't convinced us it's the future of TV - and best of all it combines a 4K resolution with a direct LED panel design and Sony's latest picture processing to produce pictures that are, for the most part, deliriously good.

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Panasonic TX 55AX902

4. Panasonic TX-55AX902

"Beautifully built, with candy-rich colours and integrated HEVC decoder for Netflix 4K"

Screen size: 55-inch | Tuner: Freeview HD, Freesat HD | Resolution: UHD 4K | Panel technology: LED | Smart TV: My Home Screen | Curved: No | Dimensions: 741 x 1238 x 283mm

Rich, vibrant colour performance
Solid smart portal
Poor motion handling
Limited black level

When we first checked out the TX-55AX902 it was Panasonic's flagship TV and at £3,200 it was a bit rich for the visual reward. Fast forward just a few months and you can pick up this 55-inch 4K beauty for just £2,000.

Elements of the AX902 definitely impress. Panasonic's image scaling is highly effective, taking everyday Full HD content and adding density and depth. Blu-ray in particular shines. The screen also delivers rich, vibrant colours.

Panasonic's engineering team have pulled out all the stops for the TX-55AX902, including a full array backlight for uniform image consistency and some inventive local dimming tech.

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Samsung UE48JU7000T

5. Samsung UE48JU7000T

"The bottom line is the set is capable of being brilliant."

Screen size: 48-inch | Tuner: Freeview HD | Resolution: UHD 4K | Panel technology: LED | Smart TV: Tizen | Curved: No | Dimensions: 683 x 1087 x 278mm

Affordable for high-end UHD
Outstanding contrast
Needs careful setup otherwise…
…there's significant motion blur

Samsung's 48-inch affordable 4K TV was almost on a hiding to nothing. When we first checked it out the image quality was blighted by terrible motion blur at its out-of-the-box settings.

With a bit fiddling around though you're left with a beautiful UHD panel.

The UE48JU7000T produces one of the best contrast performances we've ever seen from a non-HDR TV, which in turn helps it produce some of the most vivid and effective colour performances we've seen from an LCD TV. Its Tizen Smart TV system is well populated and easy to use, too.

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Panasonic TX 40CX680B

6. Panasonic TX-40CX680B

"The TX-40CX680B could turn out to be one of the bargains of year"

Screen size: 40-inch | Tuner: Freeview HD | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Panel technology: LED |Smart TV: Firefox OS | Curved: No | Dimensions: 560 x 904 x 202 mm

4K detail
Customisable Firefox OS
Soft standard def
Only 3 HDMI

Is the TX-40CX680B too small to show-off its 4K panel at just 40-inches? Though the 4K resolution is the headline-grabber, the emphasis from Panasonic on this 40-incher is on better pixels rather than more pixels. This highly talented and great value TV swerves that elephant in the room with some pin-sharp pictures to add to its impressive smart TV OS.

With Firefox OS it really makes use of its eight million pixels by boosting black levels, colour and upscaling prowess to make everything save for standard definition look sumptuous. With Freeview Play incoming, it's an early front-runner for the best value 4K screen around.

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