Nokia C5-03 review: Video

In the Nokia C5-03's video mode, playback is a little laggy, but the microphone is sensitive enough. Uploading media to Facebook is easy through the provided app, but video uploads aren't supported, so no instantaneously bragging about sharing clips of that secret gig you're at...not until you can get to a laptop anyway.

As for the different recording options on the video camera, they're rather limited. There's record. Then there's 'low light' mode (which doesn't actually make a difference) and then there's 'night' mode (which also, doesn't make much of a difference but adds a nice blue tinge to the resulting clip). All in all, unless you're filming somewhere well-lit, the quality is quite dire.

The 640 x 480 (VGA) maximum resolution and 15 frames per second recording speed are the culprits here, and are bettered by just about every other phone on the market.