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The LG Town GT350's web browser is Opera Mini and it does a fair job of trying to render pages in the small screen, but it took about 25 seconds to load the app from clicking on it, which seems an interminably long time.

Then there's the time it takes for a page to actually load. This will depend on what you're trying to load, of course, but on GPRS and EDGE speeds are inevitably a bit on the slow side, and you're stuck with these as there's no 3G or Wi-Fi here.

LG town gt350

The screen is small for browsing the web, and there's a fair bit of zooming, panning and sweeping to do in most pages, but we do like the simple tap to zoom mode. Zoomed screens render up quite quickly, and text reflows so that you don't have to scroll around too much to read what you need to.

LG town gt350

This certainly isn't a web browsing fan's mobile phone, but we've seen worse.