LG G Watch review
Android Wear is finally here in the LG G Watch


Finding your apps on the LG G Watch isn't exactly easy or intuitive. If you know the app you want you can just say "OK Google" and then "Open [name of app]", but if you want to browse all your installed apps it's more convoluted.

Get to the Google Search screen and then scroll down to the bottom of the list where you'll find "Start" just below "Settings". Tap Start and you'll be greeted with a list of all the apps you've installed on the G Watch.

Pre-installed there are just three apps populating the list; compass, Fit and World Clock. All pretty self explanatory and I've already talked about the pedometer which makes up the Fit app.

LG G Watch review

As mentioned at the start of the review there are only a handful of applications currently available for Android Wear, but those numbers will grow in the coming months.

Google does have a list of compatible apps in the Play Store, which you can view via the website or by clicking the link in the Android Wear app on your smartphone.

The list isn't exhaustive though, and there are more apps to be found which are already compatible with Android Wear, so it's worth spending a little time searching on the web.

Installing apps on the LG G Watch couldn't be easier. Simple navigate to the application in the Play store on your phone, download and install it and it will automatically appear on the smartwatch.

LG G Watch review

There are even a few games already available for Android Wear and I managed to install Flopsy Droid - a Flappy Bird knockoff - onto the G Watch.

It ran smoothly and the simple screen tapping game play suited the small display on the G Watch perfectly.

There's no speaker on the LG G Watch so you'll be gaming in silence, which is a little odd but I quickly got used to it.

Battery life

A battery in a traditional watch will last years, if not a lifetime. A battery in a smartwatch... not so much.

Basically manufacturers are targeting a day of usage on a single charge, which isn't great as it means you have something additional to charge alongside your phone every night.

The LG G Watch does come with a 400mAh battery inside, which is larger than the 300mAh offering in the Samsung Gear Live.

LG G Watch review

What this equates to is almost two days of battery life with the screen always on at a low brightness and notifications and messages all being pushed through to the watch.

Turn the brightness up, start using a variety of apps or play a couple of games on the G Watch though and it will struggle to see out a full 24 hours.

To check how much battery your LG G Watch has left pull down from the top of the screen when viewing the clock face and a black bar will appear showing battery percentage as well as the date.