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Where to buy a Nintendo Switch: where you can still order a Switch Lite right now

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If you're looking for where to buy a Nintendo Switch, you're not the only one. The flagship console is now impossible to get hold of, with stock across the world dropping and Nintendo announcing a delay in the shipping of new units. That said, you can still grab a Nintendo Switch Lite, the handheld-only console released last year to satisfy a cheaper price point. You'll have to be fast, though, these consoles are running out of stock at an unprecedented rate. 

Why is the Switch selling out? Below, we'll explain how this happened, and offer our predictions on when stock will return based on our history of covering the Nintendo Switch. We'll also explain where to buy a Nintendo Switch once retailers get stock back in. 

Check out our Nintendo Switch bundles and deals page for an around-the-clock update on how the console's supplies are doing, but you're much more likely to find a Switch Lite out there right now than the base Switch. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch now: here's the last remaining Switch Lite stock

If you're looking for the full, dockable Nintendo Switch console in the US, UK and Australia, you may have a little longer to wait. Stock has completely dried up, and what's left is hard to find at a reasonable price. 

However, if you're looking for where to buy a handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite, you may be in more luck. There's still a little stock across US, UK and Australia for you to take advantage of, but grab one now if you want it.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Animal Crossing: New Horizons, screen protector, $20 eShop code | $289.99 at GameStop
This Nintendo Switch Lite bundle from GameStop is currently in stock, but you'll have to move fast. Animal Crossing has taken the quarantined world by storm, and bundles featuring the game and the in-demand console in one go are moving incredibly quickly right now.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite pre-order | 2x games | $20 eShop card | screen protector | $349.99 at GameStop
If you want to bulk up your Nintendo Switch Lite order, this bundle from GameStop offers Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros, as well as a $20 eShop card and a screen protector for $349. You're getting about the right value here, but this bundle won't ship until the end of the month.
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Nintendo Switch pre-order | 3x games | Pro Controller | $499.99 at GameStop
You can buy a Nintendo Switch in the US again. That sentence does come with some pretty heavy caveats though. This bundle will ship by April 30 so you might be waiting a while to get your hands on your purchase, and you might have noticed that price tag as well. The included extras do soften the blow considerably though - you're getting Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Minecraft, as well as a trusty Pro Controller, bringing the standard value of this bundle up to $518.96. That means you're getting a pretty good deal with this pre-order.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | £324 at Game
It's one per customer, and it's going to sell out in a matter of hours, but Game now has stock of a Nintendo Switch bundle sitting on its shelves. This is big for anyone desperately looking for a new console over the last few weeks, but you'll have to move fast.
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Nintendo Switch Lite | £199 at Very
You can find the Nintendo Switch Lite console by itself at Very for its usual £199 price. That's a fantastic offer considering supply is so low and demand rising by the day. You'll find the standard colours available here, as well as plenty of bundle deals outlined below.
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Nintendo Switch Lite | £199.99 at Nintendo UK Store
Hurray! All Nintendo Switch Lite consoles are back in stock at the Nintendo UK Store, including this yellow unit. You can also grab the turquoise Switch Lite and grey Switch LiteView Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite bundles | £244 at Game
Game has replenished its stock of Nintendo Switch Lite consoles this week, and you can even save cash with a bundle deal as well. The games on offer include Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Luigi's Mansion 3.
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Nintendo Switch Lite: Kogan – AU$319
At the moment, the cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite you'll find from a retailer will set you back AU$319 from Kogan's online store. Not the cheapest deal we've seen lately, but still cheaper than the usual RRP. That price is available now across the yellow, grey and turquoise editions of the handheld. Additionally, you can also pre-order the new coral edition at the same price (releases April 24).
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Nintendo Switch Lite: Amazon Australia – from AU$360
In Australia, Amazon's third party sellers are offering the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite in yellow, grey, turquoise from AU$360. Not the best price ever (Amazon itself was offering the console much cheaper only a week ago), but might be your only alternative at the moment once the Kogan deal above ends.
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Why is the Nintendo Switch selling out?

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It's a combination of a few factors: the global pandemic has led to a rush of people buying the console to fill their hours indoors, which isn't surprising. At the same time, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has released, a long-awaited game and a massive crossover hit that's captured the imaginations of a wider, mainstream audience. The Switch has been regularly selling out for a while now. This has just exacerbated the issue. 

In addition, back in February, Bloomberg posted a report warning that a potential bottleneck with component supplies coming out of China (caused by coronavirus) would see stock dry up as soon as April. If the reasoning mentioned in that report was correct, it looks like they were pretty on the money with the timing, except stock looks like it'll be gone even faster than that. 

"Nintendo Switch hardware is selling out at various retail locations in the US, but more systems are on the way. We apologize for any inconvenience," is what Nintendo told THR in a statement. So, more stock is on the way. But when will you you be able to buy a Nintendo Switch?

When will the Nintendo Switch be back in stock?

Assuming supply chains are functioning normally, our prediction is it could take around a month for stock to return. What are we basing this on? Well, in the UK last year, the Switch sold out during the Christmas period, and it took until late January for stock to be replenished at every major retailer. 

GameStop are currently holding pre-orders for Nintendo Switch bundles, with an April 30 ship date, so you may be waiting until the end of the month to see a return of the fully fledged console. 

Another reference point in the US: Amazon's last remaining Switch Lite model you can pre-order at the time of writing has an in-stock date of May 7, 2020. That doesn't seem unlikely as a realistic date that we could see wider stock for that particular unit. That said, it's possible Nintendo is taking other measures to meet the unprecedented demand, and we could see consoles arrive a bit sooner. We'll have to wait and see. 

Again, these are just predictions, but you can be guaranteed that when the Switch does come back, folks will be rushing to claim the new consoles. It's very likely to sell out again. 

In the meantime, our advice is to avoid being gouged by third-party sellers who are inflating the price. $299.99/£279.99/AU$469 is the MSRP/RRP for the regular Switch, while $199.99/£199.99/AU$329 is the price for the Switch Lite. Paying above that isn't worth it unless you're picking up a bundle with games and accessories. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch when stock returns

As soon as those consoles hit that warehouse, retailers are going to want to get them on the shelves. And you can bet they'll be flying into delivery trucks just as quickly. If you hear word that the Nintendo Switch is back in stock in the US, Amazon and Walmart will be your best bet. 

With massive warehouse inventories, speedy delivery, and quick checkout processes, these retailers are primed to pick up your Nintendo Switch order ahead of the queue. Plus, in all our time covering Nintendo Switch bundle deals, these stores have consistently won out in value, meaning you're more likely to grab some extras for your cash. 

where to buy Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

In the UK, Currys and Game are likely to offer the first bundles of the pack, though don't underestimate the power of Argos same day delivery if you want your console now. We'll likely see the best prices come out of Currys, who are normally reluctant to increase the cost of the console as demand reaches its peak, and if you're looking for the fastest checkout times to secure yours before everyone else, you'll want to keep an eye on Amazon as well.

If stock has already been wiped clean at these retailers by the time you get there, you'll still be left wondering where to buy a Nintendo Switch. Luckily, plenty of non-tech retailers stock the Nintendo Switch as well, so you'll have luck with John Lewis, Jacamo and Studio among others.

In Australia, Amazon is likely your best bet, though it's worth keeping an eye on other online stores, such as Kogan and eBay. While it might take a while, big retailers such as JB Hi-Fi and Big W are also likely to receive new stock, and game retailers such as EB Games and The Gamesmen are also expected to get more units soon.

Don't leave yourself wondering where to buy a Nintendo Switch on the day, get prepped now and you have every chance of bagging one when the masses flock to the shelves.

Right now, you're more likely to find a Switch Lite than you are a regular Switch, but stock is still selling out fast. Here's a quick price comparison chart for the Switch Lite:

And here, you'll find a quick price comparison chart for the Switch itself. 

We'll keep you updated on the Switch's stock levels.