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World's first Blu-ray TVs are here now

Sharp Aquos
Sharp's new Aquos TVs will all sport BD drives, but at a price...

Although we didn't get Blu-ray Macs yesterday, we knew the world's first TV sets with built-in Blu-ray recorders were due any day and Sharp has thoughtfully obliged.

The Japanese company has just announced 16 new Aquos LCDs running from 26 inches up to 52 inches, each with a dual-layer BD drive for recording HD TV content.

Price premium

Prices run from ¥170,000 (£950) for the 26-inch model to ¥500,000 (£2,795) for the largest 52-incher, although those are expected to fall rapidly when other companies join the market.

By way of comparison, a comparable 52-inch Aquos without Blu-ray can currently be picked up for around £1,000 less and a similar 26-inch for half the price of the BD version.

The first BD TVs will arrive in Japan in early November, with no clear plans for overseas versions announced at the time of writing.