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The new Microsoft News app brings headlines to your handset

Microsoft News app

Microsoft has launched a new current affairs app for iOS and Android, giving you yet another way to funnel the latest news to your phone. The app is a total overhaul of the old MSN app, and puts Microsoft in direct competition with Apple News and the AI-infused Google News, which launched last month.

Microsoft News doesn't build up a picture of your interests automatically like Google News, which uses your search history to identify stories that might take your fancy. However, it does let you build your own front page by specifying custom topics, and presents a selection of local news if it knows your location.

The nightly news

Microsoft News editor in chief Rob Bennett calls the new app "your own personal newsroom" – but without the keyboards and coffee stains.

You can set push notifications so you're alerted to breaking news, and there's an optional dark mode that makes catching up with the latest headlines more comfortable at night.

If you already have the old MSN app, Microsoft News will be installed as an update. If not, you can download it free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Via 9to5Mac