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CES 2007: Intel debuts Core2 Quad

Intel has chosen the first day of CES to officially announce three new quad core processors. The announcements includes the first quad core silicon to be based on the Core architecture.

The Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 is clocked at 2.4GHz and is being demonstrated at CES. Also newly available for the server market are the 2.4GHz Xeon X3220 and 2.13GHz X3210.

Core 2 Quad processor "packs four brains in every PC" according to Intel, whose CEO Paul Otellini hailed the announcement as "another breakthrough...The performance once requiring a supercomputer is now on the desktop, allowing you to do new and amazing things."

Intel now has 29 dual and quad core processors available including nine quad core processors across all market segments. The company previously announced the Core 2 Extreme quad core gaming processor as well as processor packages for the enterprise market.

Intel also hailed the launch of Windows Vista: "a rare occurrence in which new processors and a new operating system hit the market about the same time."

The company is using its presence at CES to push its new-found gaming prowess - something Microsoft is also attempting to focus on with its Games for Windows campaign.