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Now you can watch Microsoft's Windows 10 presentation

Windows 10
Now you can watch it again and again and again and one more time

There's a good reason why Microsoft didn't livestream the official outing of Windows 10 in San Francisco yesterday: there was nothing to announce, per se.

It was more of a gathering aimed at presenting a product that won't be available for another eight months while subtly pointing at how the company will evolve in the future.

More a demo of an early preview, the event allowed Microsoft to share details of its new direction and roadmap for Windows 10 for an enterprise audience, in addition to its enticing new features.

The 40-minute video has already raked in 120,000 views and covers all of the salient points: the new Start Menu, windowed apps, Windows 10 snapping, the enhanced command prompt and much more.

However, the biggest changes are likely to be less visible. From the (rumoured) way it plans to update the operating system, to its drive to go cross-platform and embrace screen-agnosticness, this version of Windows 10 could well be your last one ever.