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Facebook Messenger app to offer video conferencing?

Video conferencing on its way to Facebook Messenger
Video conferencing on its way to Facebook Messenger

Facebook's just-released Messenger app has been hiding a video-calling feature in its code.

It looks as though you'll be able to video call on both Android and iOS, and there's speculation that the feature will use Skype to power it, just as the video calling feature on the web version of Facebook does.

The app, which has only been released in the US for now, was announced as a text messaging service that, like BlackBerry Messenger, delivers your messages within a closed network.


It's not the first time that scouring Facebook app code has brought up future features; just a couple of weeks ago an eagle eyed developer discovered the entire Facebook for iPad app hidden inside the code for the existing iPhone app.

There hasn't been an official release for the iPad app just yet, but it's likely to be imminent.

As for video conferencing within the Facebook Messenger app? Seems to be a given but who knows exactly when it'll be launched as a fully-fledged feature; at this point, we'd be happy just to see basic Facebook Messenger land in the UK.