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CinemaNow to relaunch music video retail site

CinemaNow currently has 1,500 films available for download

Movie download website CinemaNow has decided to throw itself back into the world of music video retail. It's been trying to get people to pay for music videos for two years and hopes the influx of compatible portable devices will help its bid.

Apple's iTunes store has been fairly successful recently in getting consumers to buy music videos. And that's what has spurred CinemaNow into action once again. It's signed deals with music labels including Warner Music Group .

Music videos will be available for as little as $1.99 (£1) as high quality video files. And its DRM protection will allow for it to be used on up to three different computers.

"We were a little bit premature," said CinemaNow chief executive Curt Marvis.

Impulse buying music vids

"This year, consumers headed to the web for short-form content in record numbers, and we see great potential in music video downloads.

"It's only $2, so it's kind of an impulse buy," Marvis continued.