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Alba launches Hed Kandi MP3 players

Alba hopes to cash in on Hed Kandi's clubland popularity

Alba is launching a new line of MP3 players inspired by Hed Kandi, a music label best known for its stylised compilation CDs and funky house mojo.

Dubbed 'Ear Kandi', the players (available in either pink or white) boast a 512MB chunk of storage, offer MP3 and WMA playback and up to 15 hours of battery life. Each player features the same iconic Hed Kandi artwork that graces the covers of its Disco Kandi, Winter Chill and Beach House albums.

The two players also feature an OLED (organic light emitting diode) display for track listings, and come pre-loaded with a five-song selection of fizzing Ibiza remixes that will, as the press release puts it, "gladden the hearts of those in the know".

Boxed with a USB cable for connecting to a PC and earphones, plus a Hed Kandi lanyard, the players are on sale for £70 at the Ministry of Sound shop .