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Olympus will launch a hybrid Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds camera in 2013

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A hybrid is on the way

Can't make up your mind between a Four Thirds and a Micro Four Thirds camera? Olympus has a model coming late next year that'll support both types of lenses, the company has confirmed.

The camera will have the feel of a regular SLR, and has been in development since 2009, according to Olympus. So we're expecting big things.

Olympus Spain chief executive Miquel Angel Garcia confirmed the plans to Spanish site Quesabesde. He didn't confirm exact details, but said it would be for "those who want the feel of an SLR and at the same time take advantage of a small system."

Codenamed "Kasei"

He didn't confirm whether it would be a mirrorless model, but it seems highly likely. And it's good news if you already own either a Micro Four Thirds model, or a regular Four Thirds camera, as you'll be able to use all your old lenses. Which should save you a fortune.

The camera is intended to give users a clear upgrade path. And it does sound like it'll simplify things, unifying different formats that could be confusing for the more casual camera user.

A 13-strong team has been working on the device for the last three years. The camera is codenamed "Kasei" according to Garcia.

Via SlashGear