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Sony Ericsson unleashes mid-range T715

The Sony Ericsson T715 slider
The Sony Ericsson T715 slider

Sony Ericsson has once again pulled another mid range handset out its bag o' tricks, this time the T715 slider.

It's a small and compact device, coming in at just 91.5 x 48 x 14.9 mm, which isn't bad considering it's concealing a keypad underneath.

The 2.2-inch screen houses a QVGA resolution display, and there's a smattering of GPS for some Google Maps and geo-tagging of photos on the 3.2MP with LED flash.

Internet browsing will be nice and speedy thanks to 3G on board, and Microsoft Exchange is built in as well, meaning some lovely corporate email on the go, which is clearly a blessing / curse.

Choons on the train

There's a range of music playback enhancement options nabbed from the Walkman range as you'd expect from those chaps over at Sony Ericsson, with both MP3 and AAC playback supported.

There's only 90MB of onboard memory though, so upgrading through a new memory card is probably a good option.

And in another sign that Sony Ericsson is finally giving up on the M2 memory card range, the new phone has microSD support, so any old Sony cards you've got lying around, sell or give them away quick lest ye make a gadget fashion faux pas.

Available in Galaxy Silver with a piano finish, or Rouge Pink with a mirror finish (no, we've also got absolutely no idea what that means) it's a phone aimed at both sexes, and will be coming Q3 this year. Guess what? You're right: there's no word on price.