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Nokia launches 5030 - first phone with FM inside

The Nokia 5030
The Nokia 5030

In a move that will bring joy to radio listeners and rage to commuters, Nokia's new 5030 handset has scrapped the need to connect headphones to act as an antenna as it will now be built right in instead.

Coming in at a wallet tingling £35 before tax and subsidies, this handset is clearly designed for the budget user who doesn't want the Comes with Music service.

It has all the 'emerging market' features we're used to seeing from Nokia, including a flashlight, a speaking clock, 75 language support, an alarm and a speaker so loud it could, well, be easily heard.

No iPlayer here

It runs the basic-but-functional S30 interface, meaning it will do what you tell it to but don't expect any fancy program installation on this handset.

There's space for 500 contacts (assuming you know that many people) as well as 250 SMS slots, so you'll need to ask only half your friends to text you at any one time.

As you can imagine on a handset this price, there's no camera or GPS, but if you're that bothered, then you probably shouldn't be queuing for this device when it launches in Q2 of this year.