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HTC One Max release date and price: where can I get it?

HTC One Max release date and price: where can I get it?
You'll be wrapping your hands around it this October

The HTC One has been doing some serious overtime in the gym, and the result is the HTC One Max, which has just been announced with its 5.9-inch, full HD display.

On the inside is a 1.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM, while you'll be able to pick up the handset with either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. But the real headline feature is the fingerprint scanner, which is on the back of the device instead of the front.

Sounds good, but when can we grab one? Currently HTC is saying it will be available globally mid to the end of October, but luckily Vodafone has given us a better idea of a One Max release date, telling us it'll be "stocked from later this week."

Nonetheless, it means it will be hitting us almost straight away. The cost of the handset is currently undisclose,d but there is one site offering it for £600. Ouch.


First out the gates to confirm that it will be ranging the HTC One Max is Vodafone - why's that? Well it's managed to snaffle itself an exclusive deal with HTC from launch, meaning the big Red will be the only place to pick it up early doors.

In terms of a HTC One Max release date a Vodafone spokesperson has confirmed to TechRadar that it will be "stocked from later this week", with the exclusive deal lasting "for a couple of weeks after that."

There's no sign of a SIM-free price for the One Max just yet, but if you fancy picking it up on a 24 month, 4G contract then you'll need to shell out £49 up front and be prepared to part with £47 every month.

That'll give you unlimited texts and minutes along with 2GB of data each month, plus you get the choice of Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV free for a year - sign up before the end of October and you'll see the data allowance doubled to 4GB.


Unsurprisingly then O2 has confirmed that it won't be stocking the HTC One Max, but considering Vodafone has the phone exclusively there really was only one answer here.

Phones 4U

Phones 4U has confirmed that it will be stocking the HTC One Max, and told TechRadar that is hopes to have pricing information "in the next few days" too.

And the rest

We're still chasing the other networks (EE and Three) and some other major high street retailers hard for news on whether they'll be stocking the HTC One Max, and at what cost.

It's almost certain that Three and EE will also confirm that they are not stocking the One Max, thanks to Vodafone's exclusive deal, but there's always a chance they may confirm they'll be getting it at a later date.

Online retailers

Fancy getting hold of a SIM free HTC One Max? Then prepare to part with a lot of cash as the 32GB One Max has gone up for pre-order over at MobileFun for a whopping £599.99. Delivery is expected in two to three weeks, but that price seems to be pretty set.

Expansys has both the 16GB and 32GB HTC One Max up for pre-order, but there's currently no price and no news on a release date.

We'll be constantly updating this article with all the latest as and when we get it.

Hugh Langley

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