Philips' new Hue bulbs cover the white-light spectrum to set the right mood for you

Philips’s smart lighting family gets a new home lighting system in India called Philips Hue White Ambiance. You can now select the right light level and color temperature of white as per your tasks and routines. The system claims to give you more energy during the day and dim at night to help you sleep better. There are preset recipes in the new system to relax, read, and concentrate.

Light has a deep impact on regulating the human body’s 24-hour circadian rhythm, and it plays a critical role in how people wake up and fall asleep. Hue White Ambiance cover the color temperature range can help users get out of bed and start their day feeling refreshed, claims the company.

"The connected LED home lighting system helps you customize your daily routines into moments you can enjoy with light recipes.” said Harshavardhan Chitale, Vice Chairman and MD, Philips Lighting India.  

You can experience the new lighting product range live till June 13, 2017 at DLF CyberHub in Gurgaon where Shruti Hassan, the brand ambassador of the company, unveiled the solution. 

The new Hue Starter Kit includes two White Ambiance bulbs – which offers 50,000 shades and all temperatures of white light -- a wireless Dimmer Switch and a Bridge to accommodate 50 Light points, 7 devices, and 12 accessories. The switch can control upto 10 Philips Hue luminaires without a bridge.  

The Muscari collection –the family of luminaires including Pendant, Ceiling, Table and Floor lamps, comes with slim diffusers connected via a metal ring give warm glow.  Then you have the Aphelion LED downlight which is the lighting solution for your ceilings. Available in round and square shapes, Aphelion can help create your ambiance from warm white to cool daylight .

You can control Philips Hue home lighting using your smartphone or tablet --across iOS and Android. It is also compatible with all major smart home hubs, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The new Philips Hue White Ambiance range will be available at select Philips Light Lounges and Croma stores across India and can also be bought online at Amazon.  

However, the new solution is already available for Rs 2,141 at Amazon as a single bulb or as part of a starter kit which includes a dimmer switch for Rs 11,999.