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Sega reveals new gaming handset

The Sega Vision
The Sega Vision

Sega has decided that enough is enough and has delved back into the hardware market. Though those expecting the next MegaDrive will be disappointed, as it's nothing more than a bog-standard PMP, the Sega Vision.

Most of you will remember the days when Sega was the great lord of gaming, with the DreamCast set to herald in a new era of gaming fun.

But the new Vision seems to be a Chinese electronics manufacturer taking the Sega name and popping it on a device that can play MP4, some form of games, and TV via the built-in tuner.


In fairness, it can also take photos and video, record your voice and let you read e-books, but not a lot of people do that on dedicated e-book readers yet, so it's unlikely they'll bother on a PMP.

The Register Hardware is reporting Sega as saying the device will be coming to the UK early next year, so start getting excited now. The same site also shows a pic of the device in a London gaming centre... so start scouring the arcades now if you can't wait until 2009.