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Nintendo may release a SNES Classic Edition later this year

Less than a week since the NES Classic Edition ceased production, it looks like Nintendo is beginning work on another miniature console to fuel your nostalgia.

It appears Nintendo may have stopped making the NES Classic Edition to make room for its next-gen successor — a mini-Super Nintendo, according to sources at Eurogamer.

Currently in development for a holiday release, the supposed SNES Mini would operate similarly to its NES predecessor — that is to say, a plug-and-play system pre-loaded with a collection of ready-to-go games from your childhood.

Lessons learned?

Considering that the NES Classic Edition costs £49/$59/AU$99 and came with 30 games installed, we're willing to bet that if Nintendo really is making a Super Nintendo successor to the Classic Edition, it will sport a similar price and number of games. 

That said, one thing we hope isn't a repeat of the NES Classic Edition is its limited supply run. 

The adorably itty-bitty game machine has become infamous at this point for being hard to find, so we hope Nintendo doesn't underestimate its audience this winter, should it choose to re-release the 16-bit wonder.