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Microsoft to take on iPad mini with 7-inch Surface

Microsoft to take on iPad mini with 7-inch Surface
7-inch is all the rage

Microsoft's next batch of Surface tablets will include a 7-inch edition, according to the latest rumours.

A 'person familiar with Microsoft's product plans' told the WSJ that the company is on the 7-inch case to take on the likes of the Google Nexus 7 and iPad mini.

The smaller Surface is apparently set to go into production later this year, which should see it hitting the shops in time for the Christmas rush.


Back in November, we heard talk of an Xbox Surface - apparently a 7-inch gaming tablet running on a custom ARM processor with a cut-down Windows version.

It's expected to work in conjunction with the new Xbox which means we may see Microsoft unveil the smaller Surface at the same time or shortly after the console, slated for a May announcement.

Whether these two rumoured tablets - the Xbox Surface and the 7-inch Surface - are one and the same remains to be seen. Either way, we'd expect to see a 7-inch slate from Microsoft before the year is out.