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Less than half of UK workers use a desktop PC

(Image credit: Image Credit: Startupstockphotos / Pexels)

Desktop PCs are becoming an increasingly rare sight in UK offices as more and more workers turn to more mobile devices, new research claims.

Only 42 percent of workers now use a desktop in the office, with laptops taking over as the device of choice in the workplace, according to a report from Laptops Direct.

Increased efficiency and productivity were named as the most crucial factors in the decision to ditch desktops, with 84 percent of laptop workers saying they got more work done as a result of having a more flexible device.

Death of the desktop?

The survey of over a thousand British adults found that certain industries are phasing out desktops faster than others, with retail (20 percent), hospitality and leisure (16 percent), marketing and creative (12 percent) all dropping the devices.

This was backed up by the finding that over three quarter (77 percent) of those surveyed saying that desktop PCs often date the look of an office and put off potential new clients.

“More and more we’re hearing from our business customers that not only do clients expect workers to be able to work on the go, but increasingly the generation Z and millennial aged workforces climbing today’s career ladder expect a degree of flex on working hours and patterns," said Mark Kelly, marketing manager at

“Combined with the findings that workers feel more productive in the office, and more motivated to do their best work, when upgraded to a laptop or tech gadget, it really is a no-brainer to picture what offices today should comprise of. It feels like the desktop PCs has had its day."