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Mozilla adds social networking to Firefox

Your Coop contacts will be displayed in a Firefox sidebar

Mozilla is to incorporate social networking features into its open-source Firefox web browser. Details on The Coop were published on Mozilla's blog , showing many of the features are similar to those of social networking browser Flock , which is also built on Mozilla.

For example, The Coop even displays a Flock screenshot on its wiki page listing information about the product. It states the design "will likely resemble [ex-Flock staff] Chris Messina's mock-up for 'People in the Browser', with a horizontal bar containing avatars for a user's friends, and icons overlaid on those avatars to indicate the presence of new content".

Using The Coop, Firefox users can 'subscribe' to friends via the browser, bringing those contacts into a sidebar. The contacts can share (send and receive) content and web links with you.

The contacts will feature any uploaded web content by them - Flickr photo feeds, updated MySpace/Facebook pages, YouTube favourites, tags and blog entries, for example. Sharing content is easy; you simply drag and drop content on the person's display image.

Question is, will people stop visiting already established social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook if they can get the same information displayed straight into their web browser?